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We have created a Total Learning Consortium focused on transferring leadership learning into practice on the ground. We use the process of blended learning in which this hub forms the foundation for learning through Applied Leadership Challenge Sets. Led by Compass Leadership Limited the content of this hub portal is applied to practice collaboratively through our Virtual Learning Environment.


Helping to develop the means of aligning vision and outcomes through innovation, adaptation and learning.


To enable purposeful leadership in the public interest


We are a unique values-based  institution committed to help align leadership and learning from design, through delivery to demonstration of impact through realist evaluation.
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Who We Are

Compass Leadership Limited was formed in 2009 as an adjunct to its founders academic and publishing activities in providing support for transferring learning into practice.

The purpose is to provide Integrated Services Provide A Holistic Approach, through a virtuous cycle of leadership development and transformation.

The holistic approach and cycle looks at the whole process of leadership, including but not restricted to, individual leader behaviour. The company works to a shared belief which views the development of leadership capacity and capability as an integrated whole within which other elements of individual and organisational development are nested


The founder, Dr Stephen Brookes, leads Compass Leadership Limited and is the originator of this portal and it’s contents.  Compass Leadership Limited launched its full learning and consultancy business at the beginning of 2023, having spent three years in building this portal and curating the learning resources. E-learning scenarios and activities form a key foundation for the blended learning and applied practice.