Essential Negotiation Skills (ENSK)

Influence and Persuasion through the Art of Negotiation

Getting to yes through persuasion and influence

Effective negotiation’s description as “the art of letting others have your way” originates from diplomacy which Daniele Vare, (an Italian diplomat b.1860) described as “the art of letting someone else have your way.” We may not realize it, but to make decisions in our personal and professional lives we often use negotiation techniques in which we are trying to get others to come around to our way of thinking.

Getting to Yes
Getting to Yes

In many of our important decisions — those that have the greatest impact on our performance at work and our satisfaction at home — most of us need to reach out to others and negotiate. Experienced negotiators learn to focus on interests and value rather than harden on positions and trying to get the biggest slice of what is one offer.  In doing this,  they engage in joint problem-solving. It is about “Getting to Yes” [1].

The ‘how’  of leadership is also about influence and persuasion.

Leadership and negotiation go together. We cannot have one with the other.  As a negotiator, we are leading and, as a leader, we are negotiating.  This approach often goes against conventional wisdom [2].  This traditional ‘wisdom’, it is often argued, is one that individual leaders possess as ‘the font-of-all-knowledge’.  As we will argue in the final topic of this section, we need to move beyond traditional wisdom and embrace more transformational ways of thinking, doing, and learning.

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