Three Reinventing Leadership Nuggets

Introducing the E-Learning Nuggets

These brief e-learning nuggets have been created using e-learning authoring tools with the aim of providing an interesting, easy-to-understand and imaginative technique of introducing you to key learning concepts.  Each lasts no more than five minutes with a total maximum engagement time of 15 minutes.  You can run through each one on a mobile phone in the time that it takes to drink your coffee!


Three 5 Minute Nuggets for Reinventing Leadership


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Relationships First


Human Engagement


Dynamic Influences


Conversations will not always be easy.  Indeed, most leadership conversations can be very difficult.  Remember, you are dealing with human beings who exist within systems.  Systems are easier to change than people’s opinions. You will need to develop your personal leadership skills to better understand others’ perspectives and interests.  This short nugget leads you through the principles of dealing with difficult conversations.

Throughout the ethos and across the foundation of selfless leadership – as a form of collective leadership – is the notion of dynamic networks. This is primarily networks of people, but it is also about networks of ideas, information and intelligence. These networks will interact both within its own and across other networks. Patterns of communication will emerge.

Reinvention is about designing and implementing changes that will be supported by most of those involved in the change.  This nugget provides an interactive learning nugget that shows how the internal contexts of the New Public Leadership framework interact dynamically in creating the conditions in which success is more likely to be achieved.

The Selfless Leader