Understanding the How of Leadership?

Having taken account of the reimagination, rethinking and reinvention of leadership, it is now time to consider renewal (of leadership values and practice).

To renew is to repurpose, renovate and refurbish leadership with the aim of restoring values. At this stage in a reform or change process, it is important to ensure that the existing strengths are not jettisoned without understanding the potential value whilst learning from the lessons of those aspects of leadership that are no longer fit for purpose. We then draw on the best of the present, align this with the potential of future leadership approaches and suggest an integrated and collective leadership style which defines the practice of leadership (in other words, how to lead).

We call on the ancient Latin term ‘Quomodo’ which describes the manner or way of doing something). Quite simply, it concerns the “How?” question of specific acts that people carry out. In our case, the practice of leadership represents its quomodo (its modus operandi).

Joining the Dots

The context of leadership is about people, places and systems. We need to integrate these contexts into practice. At the core of what we do as leaders are people. People obviously live in different places and work in different environments. Just as people differ in terms of values, personality and styles of leadership or working, so places differ in terms of their characteristics, environments, and populations. Complex systems will surround both people and places. But, of course, apart from natural systems such as the Universe, all organisational systems are created by humans and will be influenced by the environments in which those humans live and work.

Cutting Edge Thinking

Navigating the Cutting Edge of Leadership Thinking

The key to the practice of leadership (our Quomodo) is to serve the wider public interest through integrating the different contexts of leadership. Leaders then ensure that collective mechanisms are in place to respond to the challenges and achieve the public value outcomes required. The process of looking at the cutting edge is not something new although it helps to identify new ideas and evidence-based practice (EBP). This is our aim with our leadership quomodo. We propose an integrated style of leadership based on our five I’s. Integrated leadership provides the overall purpose, supported by institutional (capacity), intellectual (capabilities), and intelligence-led (competencies) in achieving the desired impact in terms of agreed outcomes.

The How of Leadership?

Our Leadership Quomodo
Our leadership quomodo takes account of the different contexts, how they interact and how the mechanisms adopted in defining leadership practice consider the cutting-edge of leadership thinking. In our case, this is our integrated style of leadership which takes account of both human-led and systems-led leadership analysis, practice and development. The brief video in the next section explains this further, supported by three five minute nuggets.