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Why Us?

Today’s leaders not only want to make a difference; they need to make a difference.

We know the difference between traditional learning and development and what is needed to reimagine and reinvent in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment.    We are different and can help you navigate the increasing complexity of twenty-first-century leadership and learning.

Who are we?

Founded in 2022 by Dr Stephen Brookes, Founder and CEO of TLCs parent company, Compass Leadership Limited, the aim is to bring together all aspects of learning from the initial identification of needs and expectations through design, and delivery and demonstration. In recognising the complexity of the world in which we learn, we draw together skills and expertise from various partners and associates in matching your needs and expectations to our skills and experience.

Dr Stephen Brookes QPM FCMI FRSACEO & Founder - Total Learning Consortium

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable cohesive learning at all levels and phases in building capacity and capability for both institutional and individual development and improvement

Our Mission

Our mission is to create empowered spaces for shared learning and evidence-based application

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