Three Renewing Leadership Nuggets

Introducing the E-Learning Nuggets

These brief e-learning nuggets have been created using e-learning authoring tools with the aim of providing an interesting, easy-to-understand and imaginative technique of introducing you to key learning concepts.  Each lasts no more than five minutes with a total maximum engagement time of 15 minutes.  You can run through each one on a mobile phone in the time that it takes to drink your coffee!




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Get to the Cutting Edge

Integrating Leadership Terms

Put People FIrst


Put Values into Practice


The challenge is to appreciate the best and the worst of leadership approaches. When there is so much written on leadership, you can be excused for asking, “how do we do this”.  We build on the first nugget in the first e-chapter (where we said that we need to look at the past before we think about the future). If you have not activated this nugget, or you cannot recall its key learning, go back and scan through this activity before starting this one.  In this e-nugget, we want to stress the importance of integrating different leadership approaches as different circumstances suggest.  Individual and collective approaches both have their benefit but understanding how to get the best out of the situation is critical and will help you to determine which style of leadership to apply.

In the last section we illustrated how collective leadership values emerged from the dynamic interaction of the contexts of our New Public Leadership Framework. Midway through the previous nugget, we noted that putting people first (PPF) is a critical foundation for taking action, in other words, in building on the relationships with people whilst not ignoring the complexity of systems that surround us. This nugget represents an interesting scenario based on the challenges of public needs at a time of crisis.

Leadership is a value-laden activity. The ultimate value is to lead in the public interest. But, what does that mean and how do we achieve this? These are critical questions that this e-leadership portal weaves throughout the content, examples, and e-learning activities. This initial three minute nugget describes how you can both understand and apply these principles straight away! Are you ready? Get ready to renew your values.

The Selfless Leader