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Selfless Leaders look to serve others through guardianship or stewardship

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Vector Image of Post Office with Label “Closed: Pending Prosecution}.

The Ignominious disgrace of public leadership in the UK Post Office

Reflecting on the lessons of why some seemingly excellent institutions' leaders turn evil The recent ITV series "Mr Bates vs the... read more

Exploring Applied Leadership Challenge Spaces

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  I had been musing about why it was so difficult to “do” collective leadership when its benefits were so evident.... read more

Adaptability and Split Second Decisions

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Adaptability and Flexibilty as similar concepts

Bouncebackability encapsulates Adaptability, Flexibility and Resilience perfectly!

Failure can often be the seed for subsequent success. I will never forget the description given by Iain Dowie... read more

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Understanding Collective Leadership

Understanding Collective Leadership What is Collective Leadership? Leaders working Collectively together The overriding definition of Collective leadership, based on experience and research, is: “... read more

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Collective Leadership

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Collective leaders working together towards a common aim in the public interest

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