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Guiding Leaders: Purposeful Wisdom in Action

Purposeful Wisdom in Action Standing on the Shoulders of Aristotle In the constantly changing environment of modern organisations, defining a clear purpose, mission, vision, and values is essential for fostering direction, coherence, and alignment among stakeholders. Drawing from Aristotle’s philosophical concepts of teleology [Higher Purpose], Phronesis {Intelligence to Wisdom], and Praxis [Theory to Practice], we can provide...

Adaptability and Flexibilty as similar concepts

Bouncebackability encapsulates Adaptability, Flexibility and Resilience perfectly!

Failure can often be the seed for subsequent success. I will never forget the description given by Iain Dowie for why the football team he managed (Crystal Palace) achieved promotion to the English Premier League in England in 2004 just one year after they lost the play-off final the year before. It was...

The Selfless Leader